Ford Saarlouis rolt 12 miljoenste auto van de band

SAARLOUIS, August 26, 2010 – Today, Ford’s Saarlouis Plant in south-west Germany celebrated building its 12 millionth vehicle – a white Ford Focus five-door model which will be delivered to a Saarlouis employee – in just 40 years.
Opened by Henry Ford II on June 11, 1970, the Saarlouis Plant has built some of the most iconic vehicles in Ford of Europe’s history. These have included the legendary Ford Capri (produced at the plant from 1971 and 1975); the Ford Fiesta (1976 to 1980); and the Ford Orion (1983 to 1993); the Ford C-MAX (since 2003); and the Ford Kuga (from 2008).

Saarlouis is perhaps best-known as the home of the Ford Escort (1970 to 1998) and, since 1998, the Ford Focus. The plant has also built the high-performance models of the Ford Focus, such as the Focus ST, the Focus RS and Focus RS 500. The next-generation Ford Focus, which starts production at the end of 2010, will be built in Saarlouis for all western European markets.

Over the past decade, Ford has spent 4.35 billion Euros on the production facilities at Saarlouis, and this year will again invest several hundred million Euros.

Daily production is at present 1,920 units.

Ford Saarlouis (Germany) celebrated its 12 millionth vehicle built at the plant – a current generation Ford Focus

Ford’s Saarlouis plant built its 12 millionth vehicle – a current generation Ford Focus delivered to a Ford employee (left, with flowers)