For Sale 1988 Group A RS500 Sierra

Andy Rouse Engineering customer racer.
Startling pace in period and to this day.
Only 4 owners from new.
All the modern tweaks done for safety and reliability.
Fast, reliable, proven car, with all the hard work done and fresh for the 2016 season.

Andy Rouse and his company, Andy Rouse Engineering (ARE) are firmly ingrained in the folklore, of the mighty Group A RS500 Sierra. Hired by Ford Motor Company as a development engineer, to take the XR4Ti from a contender, to a winner, Andy and his gang were instrumental in making the Group A RS500 the global success story it was. In late 87 and early 1988, you only had two choices if you wanted to buy a brand new, competitive RS500 and ARE, who won the prestigious RAC TT against the DJR and Eggenberger cars in 1988, were a smart choice for a cashed up team. In 1988, Japan’s economy was absolutely booming and Group A was too, with the popular series racing in Australia, Germany, UK, France, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain and anywhere else that had a racetrack and wasn’t the USA. Poor old USA dipped out, again…

In the Japanese Touring Car Championship (JTCC) there were 44 entries in that year’s championship alone and after the 1987 WTCC, it was obvious that an RS500 was what was needed to run at the front. The TRAMPIO team struck 1st blood with buying Andy’s WTCC car in 1987 while the circus was in town, then pulling a rabbit out of the proverbial and buying an Eggenberger customer car, the first one ever, for the start of the 1988 JTCC! A Group A arms race was escalating quickly and one seriously cashed up team, SUNTEC SHIMIZU, with team sponsors Dunlop, purchased a complete customer Group A RS500 Sierra, chassis # ARE RSCA 007 88, from Andy Rouse Engineering (ARE) in early 1988.

The 7th car built in 1988 by ARE, she was sporting all the latest upgrades and evolutions learned, after the furiously paced WTCC highlighted the early RS500’s fast, but fragile nature. #007 Raced in the Japanese Touring Car Championship from 20/3/1988, Rd 2 of the JTCC, until the 11/11/1990 at the Mt Fuji InterTec, the 6th and final round of 1990. Fortunately for history buffs (AKA; me.) #007 was the only RS500 Sierra raced by the team and always had the same distinct, Dunlop works paint scheme, which is still on the car. Another bonus for tracking her history is that #007 always raced in #3 or #30 for 1988, then was #13 for 1989 and 1990. If only they were all this easy!

To add to her international flavour, #007 was raced by the famous Naoki Nagasaka (Japan), Mauricio Sala (Brazil), Eje Elgh (Sweden), Mauro Martini (Italian) and Jeff Krosnoff (USA). So this English car, that raced in Japan and now resides in Australia has always had a very cosmopolitan life. How could you not love Group A?

Of its 3 years in period competition in the JTCC and 17 starts, #007’s highlights were:
•1988 Rd 4. Race de Nippon, 2nd Sala / Elgh.
•1988 Rd 5. Sugo 300, 1st Sala / Elgh.

Lowest qualifying result was 6th for all of 1988 season.